Architect, programmer, webdesigner, photographer. I've begun to create my own worlds, my own constructs when I was a child - and that was extremely interesting and fun. Studying on Architecture Faculty was closest thing to what I wanted to do since I remember. Maybe closer to that experience is building virtual worlds for games/experiences - and that's a maybe...

Too much time using computer

When I was little, my parents had to pull me away from computer. I was playing games maniacally - especially games, that allowed me to build stuff. If within a game, there was a level editor, I immediately jumped right into it, allowing my imagination to flow. Where I couldn't make what I've imagined - I was falling back to designing things od paper - waiting for a moment when I will be able to do it.

first map in Unreal Tournament - high school times

I'm certain that virtual worlds helped me develop many of my skills - spatial intelligence, quick reaction and swift decision making. Need of creating, designing things forced me to learn programming. Thanks to studies on Architecture Faculty on Gdańsk University of Technology I've acquired professional knowledge and I've build a reliable toolset. Now, I want to use them in the wide world, working with interesting people.

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