Zen - Mikołaj Bazaczek Portfolio
This project has been awarded in the Builder Magazine Architecture Design Competition


This competition deadline was the New Year's Eve. We've been working until the last moment (in the festive mood) - we were limited by the opening hours of the local post office. Our effort was furitul - we were qualified to the second phase of the competition, along with a dozen or so of around 90 submitted projects. After giving a live presentation of our concept before the jury, we've managed to get (with our blood and tears) an honorable mention. We were happy, but we secretly hoped for more...

concept, site plan, floorplans, sections, construction details, visualisations
15 x custom boards (50x50 cm / 20x20 in)

"Dream of the middle class”

Out of three avaliable design tasks, we've chosen the single family house - subtitled as "Dream of the middle class". First thing that comes to mind is the polish stereotype for such house - decorative, kitsch columns at the entrance, garden gnomes made of plaster, massive areas of the concrete pavements... We've asked ourselves a question - how to design an attractive house that will appeal to ordinary middle class people - but at the same time, it will be good, competent architecture? After vigorous brainstorming we've decided to inspire ourselves with the far east - which would prompt us to design something outside our comfort zone.


steps of preparing main room visualisation


borosilcate glass front glazing