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frontend + backend

I've discovered secrets of HTML, pitfalls of CSS and cruelties of PHP as self-taught passionate, that wanted to do websites. Beginning from subsequent iterations of my private webpage in high school, I've encountered and defeated many bugs, problems and quirks of web technologies - both on the frontend and the backend. During my venture, a great need for a simple, robust Content Management System appeared - so I've decided to create my own. All of the avaliable, open-source, free soultions seemed unnecessarily complicated and heavy - and that obstructed my need for swift development and easy deployment of the complete webpages. I've made a system that doesn't require an external database, administrator panel doesn't require custom coding - all the controls appear automatically when I need a specific type of input; It allows me to deploy whole website in a single, multi-file FTP transfer.

Further down you will find some examples of my work - from simple frontend (html+css+js) preparation (given design by someone else), trough simple homepages, to complex, corporate solutions / webapps.

Selected works


Architectural design office from Gdynia
scope: frontend + backend (multi-language cms)
graphical designhttp://redesignstudio.pl/


http://studio.bazaczek.pl (work in progress)

Homepage of the family business
scope: frontend + backend (multi-language cms)


Courses for business
scope: graphic design, frontend + backend (multi-language cms with courses calendar)





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