WW2 - Mikołaj Bazaczek Portfolio


Analysing modern achievements and memorial sites projects around the world, this project proposes extension of the Piaśnica memorial site in a wide view – from the grand, urban scale of the memorial site, trough the main archive/exposition building concept, to the propositions of the visual identification elements for the Piaśnica complex.

concept, site plan, floorplans, sections, visualisations, detail drawings, brand concept, spatial identification concept
10 x B1 board (707 x 1000mm / 27.8 x 39.4 in)


As of today, Memorial in Piaśnica consists of the Monument of the Piaśnica Victims, placed near the provincial road no. 218 and of 26 numbered mass graves. In the year 2010 a chapel-mausoleum was erected in the Piaśnica Forest. 

current memorial site layout

On the memorial site there is clear spatial and visual chaos. The cause of this is wide variety of forms, textures and types of materials that all the elements commemorating the victims are made of – crosses, slates, stones, pillars etc. There are wooden, stone, metal, concrete and other various elements – all placed in different ways and not aligning to one specified code or vision. Although totally without planning, all the memorial site elements are still in use, are still remembered – people place the candles and flowers during the year, and once a year, a special ceremony is held on the site. Newly erected chapel shows, that this place is still vivid in the collective memory. In current state, this site is very unfriendly to the visitors, as it lacks infrastructure and visual identification allowing pleasant and interesting experience on a rather big site.


Thanks to to new historical findings, there is a need of conducting more fieldwork on the site. Exploring historical facts is a great opportunity to use the potential that lies on the Piaśnica memorial site and transform this degraded area into a coherent spatial complex, that will imprint the memory of this massacre in the collective awareness in a worthy manner.

final presentation during thesis defence